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Getting dental braces can straighten your teeth, but keeping them clean becomes more difficult. With wires and brackets all over your teeth, food and plaque can easily get trapped, putting you at risk for tooth decay, staining, and gum disease if you don’t take proper care. 

This blog will go over some simple tips to help you maintain good oral hygiene habits while undergoing orthodontic treatment of dental braces in Abu Dhabi. We’ll cover special toothbrushes, how to properly brush and floss with braces, what foods to avoid, and when you should schedule more frequent dental cleanings. Following this advice will help you complete your journey to a perfect smile.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Braces Wearers

Maintaining good oral hygiene is extremely important when you have braces. Food and plaque can easily get trapped in the wires and brackets, putting you at increased risk for tooth decay, discoloration, and gum inflammation. Following proper brushing and flossing techniques is essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Brushing Techniques for Braces

When brushing your teeth, always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Gently angle the bristles to effectively clean around each bracket, wire, and band. Take care not to scrub too hard or you may end up damaging the delicate brackets. Spend at least two minutes brushing to ensure you thoroughly clean all surfaces.

Flossing with Braces

Flossing keeps the areas between teeth plaque-free. While maneuvering regular floss between braces can be tricky, specialized floss threaders make the process much easier. Carefully work the threader between each tooth, then gently guide the floss up and down against both sides of each tooth's surface. This removes any trapped food debris.

Using Interdental Brushes or Water Flossers

Interdental brushes are also great for accessing the tight spaces surrounding braces that a regular brush cannot reach. Alternatively, water flossers use focused water pressure to flush out plaque and leftovers from between teeth and brackets. Both options help promote healthy gums.

Diet and Nutrition

The foods you eat can impact the health of your teeth and gums while wearing braces. Certain items are more likely to damage braces or get stuck in the wires and brackets. Foods that are extremely hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky can bend or even break brackets and bands. Nuts, seeds, popcorn, caramel, gum, and hard candies should be avoided. These foods can also force the glued brackets off teeth if you bite down too firmly.

It’s also vital to minimize intake of sugary beverages and acidic foods as they raise your risk for cavities which are harder to detect and treat with braces in place. Focus your diet on softer, easier to chew items. Yogurt, eggs, well-cooked pasta or rice, canned fruits, overcooked vegetables, and broth-based soups make nutritious braces-safe meal options. Getting proper daily nutrition with a balanced mix of whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables will help keep your teeth strong underneath those wires.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Importance of Frequent Dental Visits

Visiting your orthodontist and dentist frequently is crucial for properly maintaining your oral health with braces. As food and plaque accumulate much quicker, it’s vital to have an expert evaluate the current state of your teeth and gums. This allows early detection and treatment of any issues like tooth decay, gum inflammation or damage to braces. Your orthodontist can also make timely adjustments to wires or rubber bands to ensure your teeth shift properly into alignment.

Finding a Reputable Orthodontist in Abu Dhabi

When choosing an orthodontist for getting dental braces in Abu Dhabi, research patient reviews and proven experience with various braces systems. Ask friends, family or other medical professionals to recommend practitioners with a solid history of successful cases. You can also search online for highly rated dental clinics that specialize in "braces in Abu Dhabi". Selecting a reputable orthodontist with advanced equipment and well-trained staff gives you the best chance for a positive braces experience.

Emergency Care for Braces

Dealing with Broken Brackets or Wires

At times, issues can arise with your braces that require prompt attention. Two common problems are broken brackets or bands, and wire components that come loose from teeth. While this may seem alarming, try to stay calm if part of your appliance breaks or detaches. 

As a temporary measure, use orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum to cover any sharp or poking edges until you can see your orthodontist. Schedule an appointment right away to have damaged parts repaired or replaced. Leaving them unattended risks your treatment progress and can cause further damage.

Managing Discomfort or Pain Associated with Braces

Feeling pain or soreness in your teeth and jaws is also to be expected, particularly after each adjustment session. As the wires tighten or change position, they apply more pressure to shift your teeth into proper alignment. 

Over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can alleviate achiness and swelling. You might also find relief by taking an oral pain medication prescribed by your orthodontist. Using an ice pack against the outside of your cheek for 10-15 minutes at a time further helps ease post-adjustment discomfort. 

Contact your orthodontist in Abu Dhabi if pain persists beyond a few days or impedes eating and sleeping. Getting braces is a journey, but some simple at-home remedies make the process more bearable.

Wrapping Up!

Achieving your perfect smile through braces takes discipline. But putting in the effort is well worth the straight, beautiful result. The keys for success are sticking to an oral care routine of thorough brushing and flossing, eating more soft foods, keeping dental appointments, and promptly handling any brace issues. 

Remember that wearing braces is a voyage that takes time and consistency. Following these simple tips will help you smoothly navigate to a healthy smile you’ll love showing off. With some commitment to good oral hygiene habits and dental health, your orthodontic investment will pay lifelong dividends of confidence and wellbeing.