Dr. Lama Assfoura

Dr. Lama is a highly qualified dentist with specialized training in pediatric dentistry. She provides comprehensive dental care to children and teens including those with special needs.

She earned her dental degree (DBS) from Tishreen University in Syria in 2010. She then pursued her Master's in Pediatric Dentistry (MDSc.) from the same university, completing the rigorous 6-year postgraduate program with honors in 2017.

With her expertise in pediatric behavioral management, Dr. Lama is able to create a safe, trusting, and positive dental experience for children. She strives to make her patients’ every visit stress-free, especially those who are anxious or nervous about going to the dentist.

She is an expert in preventive (fluoride therapy, sealants, oral hygiene), restorative (fillings, crowns), endodontic (root canal and pulp treatments), and emergency/trauma dental care. She is trained to provide dental treatments using nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

She speaks Arabic and English.